Why Hypnosis and Dreams ?

The combination of dream work and hypnosis is truly a profound and transforming experience where the healing nature of dreams, and the potential of hypnosis as a therapeutic and personal growth tool, comes to the fore. This type of regression is recommended to anyone wishing to seek self-knowledge and actualisation. Even a sliver of a memory of a dream can be useful in this work. This is an exciting and ever so personal exploration of your subconscious mind where you get to unlock and know the secrets of your dreams.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What is dream therapy?

By their very nature dreams are ephemeral and transitory, and therefore difficult to remember. If you do rememebr them it is often in the form of  a confused series of images and feeelings, but occasionally a dream is so startingly vivid that it stays with you for hours, sometimes days, afterwards.

To dismiss the significance of dreams and the role they pla would be to ignore a regular experience that is not only fascintating but can also be insightful and inspiring. There are ways to help you remember your dreams and lead you to a  greater understading of them, This in turn could lead to a greater understanding of the events that affect and influence your waking life. 

Sometimes the meaning of a dream may be obvious, such a as a dream about a supervisor at work turning into a monster, but other times you need to dig deeper and you maybe even discover that themes or patterns begin to recur. 
Sadly, dreams are more often negative than positive(which is why nightmares tend to be more memorable than pleasant dreams) but this is a good reason to try to understand them as they can help you confront and assess unresolved problems.

Dreams are as individual as people. Exploring yours may reveal different aspects of yourself, offer an interesting perspective on life, or fire your imagination and creative potential. It is an unexplored territory waiting to be discovered.

Dream language is made of symbols and metaphores that you have created. Therefore nobody but you really knows what your dream means. People that claim to be able to analyse your dreams for you will use their intuition to interpret your dream for you, but although they may sometimes hit the mark they also inevitabley will make mistakes because they are not inside your head and they are not you.

This is where the kind of dream therapy I offer differs from most. As a holistic dream hypnotherapist I use a combination of relaxation techniques and gestalt therapy to make you  understand your dreams from the inside , rather than the outside.

My approach is based on the pioneering work of Randal Churchill, hypnotherapist and author of  "Become the dream", with whom I trained at the Hypnotherapy Institute of Northern California.

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